Why did you decide to buy a race team, why in F2 and why DAMS?

Passion. I wanted to build something with DAMS and I do have a real hunger to develop a great sporting project. I am enthusiastic about finding and helping young talents on their journey to Formula 1. The desire for motorsport has never left me.

This agreement is only for the DAMS Formula 2 team and does not relate to the Nissan e.dams programme in Formula E.


Are you going to be involved in the day-to-day management of the team?

I will not have an operational role. I have a true desire to invest myself with DAMS on the long-term development strategy and to hopefully see that the outfit benefits from my experience as an F1 driver. There is already a proven group of people within the team, which is very well structured. My main business activity will remain with the Groupe Charles André, but this of course does not impact my commitment to the success of DAMS going forward. The team was always independent and autonomous even when Jean-Paul was alive. I will attend race weekends and it will be very close to how it was in the past.


Will you change the team’s name and will DAMS remain in Le Mans?

We will keep the name. DAMS is an iconic and strong brand and we have not planned to change this, as we want to ensure that Jean-Paul’s legacy continues. The plan is also to keep the team at the current facilities located in Le Mans.


Image: Renault F1 Team.